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Eagles’ Wings Educational Girls Home has been working with girls throughout the four state area of West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania for nearly two decades.  In 1997, founder's Jeannie Hellem and twin sister Carol Watts joined families, beliefs and varied resources to design and birth what is known as "Eagles' Wings."  Based on Isaiah 40:31  "Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength. They will mount up with wings as eagles."  


The concept and design of Eagles' Wings was to have a place where girls learned about God in an intimate way that allowed them to "become" all that God had for them.  In essence, a place where girls learn to soar.  It was with this simplistic idea that the Cornerstone was laid and Eagles' Wings began the early and painful stages of a fledgling non-profit organization on the Watts's beautiful farm in Kearneysville, WV.  The twins and their families gave everything they had to and for the cause of this much-needed ministry for teenage girls.   Since its inception, the ministry has undergone various changes so that it may continue to serve young girls from the region.  The focus has and always will be teaching young girls about life, themselves and God through caring people and His incredible creations.


The use of horse whispering techniques was incorporated in 2004 and quickly became foundational in the ability to help girls transition from horse whispering to actual psychology of people with the use of the horse.  Scripture is easily placed and understood once incorporated with horse language techniqes -- resulting in an awakening in a girl's spirit that gives her a freedom to become all that God has intended for her.


Our camps are small, intimate and compelling.  With no man-made distractions to keep her attention all of her focus is on the horse and what is being taught . . . but subliminally, behind the scenes, is a trickling beauty of the sight and sounds of nature; the eloquent dance of  peace & tranquility on the unrushed and untainted pallet of Eagles' Wings ranch.  This is the place where a young girl truly learns the meaning of life ~ a place where she can soar!



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