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The Ranch


Our ranch is located in Hedgesville, (Berkeley County) West Virginia, nestled in close proximity to Sleepy Creek State Land and breathtaking Third Hill Mountain, with 24,000 acres to ride on. And ride we do! 


We are only 30 minutes to our neighboring states of Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania and just 1 and 1/2 hours outside of Baltimore and Washington, DC.


Peace, beauty and tranquility surround this place that God has given us.  The sights and sounds of life are all aound us.  As you step onto the property -- one can't help but stand in awe of the view before you.  Our ranch is teeming with abundance of wildlife, songbirds and wildflowers. It's real hard to decide which is more lovely:  the mountain view or the sight of God's most majestic creature grazing contently in the fields, bluebirds or hawks, wildflowers or pines, the sunrising or setting.  We guess it's a toss up and you can actually drink it all in and become quite intoxicated and still be of sober mind!



One thing is for certain – whether we understand God and His great plan for us or not – we know this: each time any of our girls watch the horses gallop & play in the fields, or they breathe deep the beauty of the mountain before them, watch the sun sink over the horizon or perhaps catch a glimpse of a falling star in the midst of all the jewels of the dark sky – they begin to know – they may not understand – but they begin to know – that God has put them here at Eagles’ Wings and it is a Divine thing.





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