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Overnight Camps ~ Adventurous & Spiritually Deep Experience


 We have several incredible programs designed to help each girl reach for her dreams and become all that God has designed for her to be.  As you begin to make decisions on what camp is right for your daughter -- consider one of our overnight camping excursions.  They are extremely beneficial for girls in so many ways -- even if a girl has never stayed away from home, we have a camp that will be right for her.  From a 1Day Wilderness to our intense 4x4 camp -- each designed to give the most memorable camp experience with lots of inner reflection on who God has called her to be. As you go through our pages, we believe you will be able to choose a program that is right for your daughter -- one that expresses your desire to see her be all that she can be through the love of God and horses.  As with all of our camps, the horses are the teaching tool to help motivate and initiate success in each girls life.  Critical thinking, life skills, conflict resolution and goal setting are just a few of the life lessons learned during your daughter's camp experience. Evening campfires are the platform where God extends his rich word and thoughts towards each girl. The ability for a young person to open her heart to how God sees her through His eyes helps her begin the process of her seeing herself as the same.  Life-changing and spiritually deep experiences everytime.

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Mini-Passion Condensed Camp
3 day/2 night
All inclusive event is $210.00
Cowgirl Camp
3 day/2 night
All inclusive event is $210.00
(* +$5 cash for BCYF Rodeo)
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Get down and dirty and ready to be an official cowgirl with these powerful mini-passion 3 day/2night horse camps. From sun up till sun down there’s lots of work out here on the ranch and “cowgirl tuff” is what we are looking for.  Days will be filled with rounding up horses, working horses with horse whispering games, round pen work, riding disciplines, working out problems,obstacle courses, feeding, watering, cleaning troughs, rotating fields, mowing (if needed), checking, fixing and mending fence lines & trails, fixing chow on a rotation basis, and feeding all ranch hands including four-legged ones. In addition, there is a "cowgirl tuff" competition which includes relay races, pony dress-up and other competition events to help determine who is the next "cowgirl tuff" horsewoman! Prizes and fun for everyone! Thursday's highlight includes the Berkeley County Youth Fair Rodeo event that all girls will attend. (Additonal fair fee not included)

This 3 day/2night camp runs Mid-week from 9 am- 3 pm (Monday- Wednesday or Wednesday - Friday) A mini vacation for parents as well as the young teen that introduces ranch life and horse whispering in a safe environment. An extremely memorable event that encompasses camping with horses, beginner riding lessons and hours of hands on equestrian learning. This is a condensed version of our Horse Passion Camp, except there will be no swimming horses, instead there will be relay races and a professional in the equestrian field to teach on a special topic. All you need is a sleeping bag & change of clothes. Be prepared to get dirty and tired!! 

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4x4 Overnight Camp
All inclusive event is $400.00
message therapy
western horse show


             Powerful 4 days and 4 nights

                 from Monday 4 pm till  Friday  4 pm


Girls learn and implement basic horse whispering techniques, classroom instruction, emphasis on teeth, feet and diet. Barn and facility management, care of tack and tack room. Riding will consist of walk, trot and canter, poles and cavaleties, obstacle courses and preparing for show. Professionals in areas such as Western Pleasure Showring, Barrel Racing & pole bending, John Lyon's Certified trainer, and how to prepare for a Western Show will be on board to teach their area of expertise. Evenings will consist of learning how to be fully engaged in your destiny. As you unwind around the campfire you will discover the simplicity of God's plan for your life and his ability to help you achieve that plan.


Each day the camp will build on the previous day's lessons and interactions to help each girl become fully aware of her ability to overcome fears, adversity, and life's obstacles as she pursues the possibilites of her life demonstrating leadership and confidence.  


To finalize the camp on day four -- girls will participate in Eagles' Wings 4x4 Horse Show. A full day of competition starting off with opening ceremonies and drill team.  All parents are invited to come for a full afternoon of enjoyment! 



  Hunger Games
~surviving with purpose~
This camp focuses on the extreme challenges that adolescent girls face and helps them to confront, challenge, battle and win with confidence.  Most of camps structure is team work, agility, war strategies, overcoming fears and insecurities and becoming a leader. Girls will use survival skills, creativity, critical thinking and negotiating skills.  Obstacle courses on foot and horseback will be part of this Hunger Games Survival Camp.  3 day/2night $150

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