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From our inception, the mission of Eagles’ Wings is relationship driven.  Using biblical principles and teaching “the horse language” other wise known as “horse whispering” girls learn the art of effective communication. Learning about horses and how they interact in the herd teaches girls a variety of life lessons about human interaction and behaviors.  


Because horses are social herd animals they have a pecking order – that same system plays out in society on virtually every level from the family dynamic to school and in the work place -- the pecking order constitutes respect, hard work, advancement, ability and submission to authority. Learning and developing much-needed life and communication skills allow a girl to be more receptive to personal disciplines such as self-control, persistence, hard work, anger management and coming under authority. It also helps develop critical thinking skills as well as conflict resolution and problem solving. The relevancy of horse whispering techniques challenge girls to recognize and work on negative behaviors and responses to everyday situations in their own lives with family members, friends, peers, teachers and other adults. 


We have several incredible programs designed to help each girl reach for her dreams and become all that God has designed for her to be.  As you peruse through our pages, we believe you will be able to choose a program that is right for your daughter -- one that expresses your desire to see her be all that she can be through the love of God and horses!


 Click below for the following programs that we offer:

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