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Horse's sense helps save girl's life

Jenni Vincent The Journal Sunday, August 24, 2014

BACK CREEK VALLEY -  Horse-lover Kaylee Schlaefli couldn’t wait to spend part of her summer vacation last year at Eagles’ Wings Girls and Horses, a local nonprofit organization that offers faith-based camps to girls wanting to learn more about horses – as well as themselves.

For a young woman who’d once decorated her bedroom with a horse motif, it was a dream come true.

She’d even helped save to pay for the week-long experience, one devoted to caring for, riding, and even communicating with horses while also learning about God.

But once there, Kaylee’s assigned horse Caesar (who was normally laid back and good with beginning riders) had other ideas.  He consistently refused to move while she was riding, but wasn’t bothered by – and cooperated fully with – other campers.

Jeannie Hellem-Ramsey, who helped found the organization and now operates it with her husband Chris, couldn’t believe what she was seeing between the two, because it was unlike anything she’d previously experienced.

She didn’t want Kaylee to be disappointed, but wasn’t sure how to help bridge this gap or what caused it.

Patty Schlaefli, her mother and a nursing student, was equally puzzled, but took quick action after discussing the situation with Ramsey and ultimately discovering what was happening.


 The Horse Whisperer of Kamanjab wants to Share Life Lessons

as published in the Republik, Namibian Newspaper

August 2014



I am Annerie Mare from Namibia Kamanjab ( Kunene Region)  I would like to share with you my journey to America:

 I found out about Eagles Wings Educational Girls Home in 2011 while searching the web for information on a project I was doing for school.  Once I knew that Eagles’ Wings existed it became what I refer to as “a dream place” for me -- as I looked at it, it drew my dreams and hopes up from within me.  Eagles’ Wings used horses to teach young girls about life, themselves and God!  All of it made my heart soar – I wanted to do the same thing in my own country.  Since Eagles’ Wings is in the United States I figured this might be a little impossible for me but I still hoped and dreamed.  Now, my heart beat more for what could be possible given that it seemed impossible (if that makes any sense to you.)   I visited their website quite often to try to get more & more info out.   I Decided I would contact them to find out if I could come to their summer camps – it was a long shot since I’m 7,500 Miles away! When I contacted them, their summer was already over.  I was so disappointed – how did I not know that when our summer started in Namibia – it was the beginning of winter in the United States.  But even in the disappointment, I still had the desire to attend these summer camps at Eagles’ Wings.  I didn’t give up because something stirred in me. There was something about this place.

Girls, God and Horses

By Jenni Vincent, The Journal Sunday, July 21, 2013


African teen soars at Eagles' Wings


JONES SPRINGS - Now more than 7,500 miles from home, Annerie Mare believes divine intervention delivered her to the Eagles’ Wings Girls and Horses program – a long-awaited trip from Africa she first began praying about two years ago after a chance online discovery.

That’s when her brother – who first saw the Eagles’ Wings website while randomly researching eagles – shared what he’d found since they both like eagles and live on an approximately 15,000 acre ranch named the Eagle’s Nest, Mare said, adding that her family also owns 30 horses. “But only 10 of those horses are tame; the rest are wild mustangs who come to drink water at our house,” she said.

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