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Wrangler Camp & Training Course


There’s quite a difference from being a camper to being a wrangler. It’s not all fun and it’s not all glorious – but it is extremely rewarding. This camp establishes the importance of how to lead by example. It is a proving ground for those who really say they want to be in ministry. 


We believe in the best of our young leaders of tomorrow -- so much so that we invest a lot of time into helping develop their God-given gifts and talents into something useful for the Kingdom of God and our community.  Although this camp is by invitation only -- it is a proving ground for young leaders. Each year our new wranglers learn the importance of leadership and strong work ethic. They are taught how to implement and expand on basic horse whispering techniques into real life situations and solutions for the young girls that will be coming to camp. Besides intense training with horses and the psychology behind working for this minsitry and with youth -- girls learn the importance of team work and commitment.  During this camp experience there is time for some fun things such as flag tag, simon says, and mounting on off side with no stirrups -- all we can say is: "There is greatness in this camp!"


This invitational training course seeks out shining stars from previous camps to teach, mentor and promote leadership in ministry. The wrangler camp and training course is focused and expectational -- divided into three segments that enhance and strengthen girls with unique leadership abilities. These girls are groomed to be future wranglers when the time comes – if they continue to grow in their leadership talents. As a wrangler in training girls can ride all summer long -- and be in every and any camp they choose. It fills her need for more horse time for sure!


There are three Segments to this training course:


1.  Wrangler camp – 3-day/2-night overnight camp that defines the role of “wrangler”. Girls invited to this camp will prepare horses for summer camps (lots of riding and groundwork) Mornings & evenings will consist of training in leadership.  Cost is $250.00


2.  Fundraising – girls will be taught the importance of non-profits and its role in our community. Learn the vision of Eagles’ Wings, its needs and where they can be of service. Girls will head up several fundraising endeavors to promote the ministry and raise money for set goals. This will include solicitations.


3.  Summer Internship -- This mandatory internship reinforces the importance of teamwork, servant hood and leadership. Girls will be expected to be committed to a minimum of 6 camps and serve under our staff and wranglers at all levels during our summer camps. Everything and anything is possible in this pre-wrangler position from riding to horse disciplines, round pen instruction to cleaning tack. Learning how to follow directives is critical as well as taking initiative. This internship is of no cost to the wrangler in training. 


*In addition, girls are encouraged to come out and take advantage of the training and riding opportunities from March til November -- all at no charge to them.

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