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Why our Programs and Services make a difference

As many of you know, navigating through middle & high school can be tough for everyone. Our programs help because we continuously strive to teach girls not only about horses but also the love of God toward them through His majestic creatures – this all comes down to communication, relationships and attitude.  


You see our programs are not just about horse and rider – they are about rider and character. Our weapon of choice for teaching is two-fold: the Word of God & the horse! At Eagles’ Wings a girl learns to master the art of life in a variety of ways. Horses are the most incredible teaching tool we use here on the ranch. Beginner riding lessons turn into beginner life lessons-- as a young girl learns to communicate with her horse she learns patience, discipline and self-control for her own life. She learns life principles based on biblical principles.  It is a win-win situation for any girl who attends our programs.


Our programs teach:






Hard work

Respect for authority, self, others, horses & property

Ownership – of horse, facility, attitude & learning abilities and disabilities

Listening skills


Promptness and courtesy



Observation & evaluation techniques

Attitude adjustments

What God says about her



The staff at Eagles’ Wings are 100% committed in the success of your daughter through these growing teenage years. We consider it an honor and privilege to work with your daughter and to be a mentor and teacher.   Because horses are large animals there needs to be a respect for the instructors and staff and the ability to listen, communicate and respond in an immediate fashion to directives given. Girls learn how to be teachable and flexible and in doing so they also learn how to carry the same attitude home with them. 


We are committed to working with parents on any level needed to help ensure success at home and in school. 






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