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Summer will never be the same!  Ask any kid and they will tell you:  "Summer vacation is what they are looking forward to!" Why not give your daughter the summer she will never forget? One filled with beauty, laughter, horses and learning? Our summer programs are life-changing in so many ways . . . girls learn how to communicate with parents, peers, teachers and God based on the horse language.  Horses operate out of one of two sides of their brain:  one is controlled (left brain) and the other out of control (right brain).  It is either the carnal nature that controls us or the Spirit.  We teach the girls how to operate out of the Spirit and not the flesh.  The comparision with the horses is incredible as girls learn using all five senses to begin to understand humanity and spirituality all through a gentle touch.

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~ Horse Passion Day Camp  ~


Learn communication and relationship building

through a simple whisper.   


 Horse Passion Summer camp’s focus is to nurture a life long love for horses through education and facilitation of the horse language otherwise known as “horse whispering”. Classroom instruction covers topics such as anatomy, tack, breeds, and the introduction to the horse language. In addition, first aid, bandaging, safety and proper care and grooming will be taught. Implementation of the horse language will be put into practice using round pen and riding ring instruction. Demonstrations encompass overcoming fear, boundary setting, dealing with insecurity, healing from past trauma and more. Riding lessons will range from beginner on up and will consist of walk, trot, canter, poles and cavaletties, swimming horses and trail riding. As your daughter learns communication techniques (otherwise known as horse whispering/natural horsemanship) with her horse, she will develop an incredible understanding and deep love for this beautiful animal. Not only will she be the teacher, she will also be the student. Learning these techniques coupled with the biblical principles you will see a change in her as she strives to be more compassionate and kind to family and peers. Being able to relate to a horse the same way God relates to us will be an eye opener for her and will help her navigate through these tough teenage years with more understanding of herself, others and God.    Monday - Fridays from 9 am - 3 pm. Bring lunch. Cost: $230.00

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Horse Passion II ~ The Dance


The Dance is aptly named for the coming together of rider and horse as a soft, beautiful & eloquent match.  Subsequently, this camp is an indepth look at the dance we have in life with God as our lead partner as well as Abba.


Buck Brannaman’s teachings will be the focal point of this camp in every aspect. Ground work for ½ the day and horsemanship riding for the second half. Riders will be instructed in areas such as: hooking up, a soft feel, leading, saddling, working in circles and half circles, and the use of flags will all be foundational principles taught. By the end of the week each girl will choreograph a dance with her horse utilizing all she has learned and perform it to music.

Prerequisite: Horse Passion Day Camp I.  Cost: $230.00     Bring lunch.


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Riding Lessons

 Beginner riding lessons in Western Pleasure available for girls ages 11 – 18 years of age. Girls learn walk, trot, canter, poles cavelleties and the basics to beginner riding lessons. Our round pen and riding arena are the perfect places to help young novice riders learn how to properly handle a horse and get their “seat” before they are on their own. Being able to handle a horse is paramount especially on a trail ride. 


Most of our horses are “gaited” which means a smoother ride for starters. Taking lessons is a great way to get the fundamentals of horsemanship down pat with the safety and security of instructors and staff.   In addition to the riding lessons girls will learn how to properly groom and tack their horse and be expected to do so.  As with all of our programs, girls are encouraged to go beyond the disciplines of riding to do the right and proper things at home and in the classroom.  Making their bed, doing chores, taking their homework seriously as well as earning their own money for camp are all apart of the lesson experience. Lessons are $30.00 per hour


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