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Out of Africa

Annerie Mare, Founder
Eagles' Wings Africa 2015

Chris & Jeannie Ramsey (Left) and Annerie Mare 

Eagles' Wings Africa 

Little did we know that God had a huge plan for this young lady and it would begin here in America and launch her into her destiny for the world.  Eagles' Wings Africa was launched in April 2015 by a young Namibian girl with a heart for God and a passion for girls and horses.  In 2012 God allowed Annerie Mare the opportunity to come to America and experience Eagles' Wings on a full work scholarship.  Her heart was to do something impactual in her county using the same techniqes that we use here at Eagles'Wings.  Her journey was life changing and now has become a beautiful piece of God's song to African beauties who want to experience God through horses.  

Check out her site: Girls on eagles wings

            A Letter from Annerie Mare to
                   Eagles' Wings America 


The first time this journey started I was 16 years old.  I wrote you (Eagles’ Wings) an essay out of my heart with expectation that this could be a start of something great and that God would allow me the opportunity to come to America and be a part of Eagles’ Wings and your work scholarship program.  
When I turned 18, God allowed me the overwhelming blessings to come across the ocean to your beautiful country & anointed ministry --  it was out of this WORLD, so heavenly! 
It was an exciting & incredible blessing and full of expectance – expectance which I never even knew would change my life so radically. Never thought, never ever thought that God would entrust me with such a massive opportunity to visit the United States 2 years in a row and being changed for His glory by His servants a million miles away. I will never ever forget what and how this has shaken my world upside down and around to fit into what He is doing and that what He is doing is MASSIVE.
I cannot explain to you how MUCH, oh the vastness of how MUCH YOU changed my life.  How God worked in so many ways to reach my deepest parts and I believe that my life will never be the same. What you did and still do for me will surely be written down in the throne room of my God.   Because of the open arms and opportunities at Eagles’ Wings Educational Girls Home (Eagles’ Wings Girls & Horses )  America, God has begun to fulfill His call on my life as I begin this huge God thing called Eagles’ Wings Africa!  I owe this all to my God first and foremost and then to my American family as they have allowed the beauty of God through the love of horses to teach me  to be all that I can and with that to teach others the same.  And with that great commission, I choose to teach the girls in my country – through the love of God & horses to be all that they can be.  This is the way we change the world.
Forever, Annerie Mare, Namibia, Africa

Experience is the best teacher -- International Student Scholarships


Eagles' Wings  has a limited amount of work scholarships for international students wanting to impact the world for Jesus Christ using horses.  If you are interested in such an opportunity please email us for further details and to apply.

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