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                                What's New at our Show Series this year


                                                 Come be a part of this Hyper Horse Festival Weekend!  


Horse and rider get a chance to compete in an entire weekend with different divisions, arenas and challenges.  All day Saturdays classes include:  English Hunter Flat, equitation and over fences, Thoroughbred Incentive Program (T.I.P. Classes), Dressage (Introductory & training levels), and Hunter Open Field Course

All day Sunday classes for the Western horse lover:  Western pleasure, Thoroughbred Incentive Program (T.I.P. Classes) Speed Barrels including peewee division, Poles and trail competion.  Jackpot classes with added money

New:  T.I.P. Classes
Thoroughbred Incentive Program 
Dressage Classes  

The Jockey Club launched T.I.P. to encourage the retraining of Thoroughbreds into other disciplines by offering sponsorship for Thoroughbred-only classes and divisions and high point Thoroughbred awards at open horse shows and competitions.

T.I.P. offers sponsorship for Thoroughbred-only classes and divisions, high point Thoroughbred awards at open horse shows and competitions, a Thoroughbred of the Year Award and a Young Rider of the Year Award. 

Thoroughbred Incentive Program Division- must be registered through the Thoroughbred Incentive Program with TIP number readily available at registration. No age requirement.

We are proudly offering Dressage Divison classes in our grass arena.

Open to all participants

Introductory w/t  choosing Test A, B or C

Training Level w/t/c  choosing Test Level A, B or C


Competitive Trail Course will be held in a grass arena

*Course is made up of 10 obstacles

*Open & Junior Divisions

*Judging based on execution of course in its designated pattern as well as way of going & ability to maneuver obstacles

*Prizes awarded for Top 3 in Open and Junior Divisions

**Cash Payout**

This new 7 exciting course maintains the scope of a true hunt course and runs the outter perimiter of the fairgrounds parking field.  This is a jackpot class with cash payouts.


*Open & Junior Divisions

*Course made up of 10 jumps

*Judging based on confirmation, way of going and execution of course

*Course will range from 2’0” in height to 2’6”

*Prizes awarded for Top 3 Riders in Open and Junior Divisions

**Cash Payout**


Trail Competition 
    Hunter Open Field

Jackpot Classes

Jackpot Classes $25 entry fee

Exhibition Classes are $5 per run

3D payout:  Cloverleaf, TIP Highpoint, Pole bending, peewee, cornerstake & speed


**JACKPOT WITH ADDED MONEY: Speed, Open Field and Trail Class


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