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New Jackpot Classes! 


New to the 2016 Eagles’ Wings Show Series! We will be conducting jackpot classes for each riding division. These classes will be for a fee of $25 per class.  Additionally, these are open classes.  Anyone under the age of 18 years old must wear a helmet.


Jackpot Classes:


Speed Barrels & Poles including Peewee (3D)

HunterOpen Field course  (consists of ten open field jumps)

Trail Competition



- Each Jackpot Class will pay out to the Top 3 places.

- Percentage of payout is based on the amount of money in the Jackpot Bank for each class.

- Percentages for placings are as follows: 


         70%-30% payout (70% to competitor/30% Eagles' Wings)



- Class placings is based solely on time.


- Penalties include:


      Hunter Open Field Course Jackpot (with added money) -

      any poles/fences knocked  will add 5 seconds onto the riders time. Going off course will count as a Disqualified Time. 


      Competitive Trail Course Jackpot (with added money) -

      any obstacle that is not completed properly after 3 attempts will be counted with 5 seconds added to the riders time. Going off             course of the pattern will result in a Disqualified Time. 


      Speed Event Jackpots (Barrel Racing and Pole Bending) (added money) - 

      Knocking a barrel or pole during the timed run will result in a 5 second penalty to the riders time. Going off course will result in a       Disqualified Time. 





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