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New Jackpot Classes! 


New to the 2015 Eagles’ Wings Show Series! We will be conducting jackpot classes for each riding division. These classes will be for an additional fee of $25 per class and will not count towards Year End Awards points. Additionally, these are open classes.  Anyone wanting to participate in them will compete at one level.  There is no beginner, junior, or green horse divisions but all are welcome to compete in the events.  Anyone under the age of 18 years old must wear a helmet.




- Each Jackpot Class will pay out to the Top 5 places.

- Percentage of payout is based on the amount of money in the Jackpot Bank for each class.

- Percentages for placings are as follows: 


         1st Place- 40%

        2nd Place- 30%

        3rd Place-15%

        4th Place- 10%

        5th Place- 5% 


- Class placings is based solely on time.


- Penalties include:


      Hunter Course Jackpot-

      any poles/fences knocked  will add 5 seconds onto the riders time. Going off course will count as a Disqualified Time. 


      Trail Course Jackpot-

      any obstacle that is not completed properly after 3 attempts will be counted with 5 seconds added to the riders time. Going off             course of the pattern will result in a Disqualified Time. 


      Speed Event Jackpots (Barrel Racing and Pole Bending)-

      Knocking a barrel or pole during the timed run will result in a 5 second penalty to the riders time. Going off course will result in a       Disqualified Time. 


- Patterns for the Hunter and Trail classes will be the same for the jackpot classes. 



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